TPMfOSD domain question

Hi All,

Our relays are in our X domain and all workstations are built in Y domain and servers are in Z, A,B and C domain, would that cause an issue? Should the TPM server be in the same domain that the workstations and servers to be imaged? Thanks

BigFix simply reports Domain information, it doesn’t rely on it for any of it’s internal functions. You should be just fine.

Hi Tim,

is TPMfOSD is same as the Bare Metal Server? Thanks

No. TPMfOSD was an earlier version of what eventually became “OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging

You don’t need both of them. Choose one or the other.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the clarification. Another question is can we install BM servers to relay servers in different Sites? Thanks

Define “Sites” please.
I assume “BM” refers to “Bare Metal”?

Sites is different region(Europe, US) .Yes, Bare Metal Servers. Thanks

Short answer : Yes you can.

As I understand it, isn’t it the TPMfOSD EXE’s that get uploaded to the bare metal server console, the part that “makes” are relay a bare metal server?

Side note: Just last week at a client was my first time to try the integrated OSD download functionality (without uploading the TPMfOSD). The action the dashboard creates will throw an error evaluating relevance substitution on a {parameter “EncryptionKey” of action} as that parameter is never defined anywhere in the script.

Seems to be a bug?

I uploaded the TPMfOSD and the generated action script ran fine and installed the bare metal server components.

Yes the installation of the OSD component on a Relay makes this Relay a Bare Metal Server.

Regarding the issue you reported I suggest to open a PMR so that it can be investigated and, in case, fixed. Thanks.

{parameter “EncryptionKey” of action} is a “secure parameter” so it’s not displayed in the action. Could you please send the action details and the bigfix client logs where the error is reported?
Which are the bigfix server and bigfix client versions?