TPM Workflow Functionality in Actions

I have used TPM extensively in the past and One workflow which have helped me a lot is Device.ExecuteCommand.

I can use this workflow to run a command against any computer by using Computer ID. In a master workflow I can use the Device.executeCommand multiple times to perform/execute commands on different servers.

To me IEM actions looks more tied to a Single Computer (whichever we run against) , Is there a possiblity to run certain commands against multiple servers

For example :- I got a software to be installed on a target server ,for which I need to run certain commands in the target server and some other commands in a different server ( a admin managing server)

I can understand that IEM works in a different , I am very much interested to hear from the IEM experts on how you would fit this into IEM.

You probably want to look at automation plans in the server automation application.
With this you can build a sequence of work where you need to do some of the work on one computer and other parts on different computers.
There’s docs and links to videos on the bigfix wiki.
If you give a specific example some folks here can probably help. There’s also a server automation category on this forum

thanks , this exactly answers my question. I think I should be able to fulfill my requirement using Automation Plans

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