Total number of fixlets required by each computer

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Is there any way of getting the console to report the total number of fixlets required by each computer?

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If you open a computer document by double clicking the computer in the computer list, it will show the number of relevant Fixlets on that computer on the right hand side of the console. E.g., it will say “51 Relevant Fixlet Messages, 2 Open Actions”.

Is that what you need?

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Yes, But I would like to be able to show the number of relevant fixlets required by each machine. This way I know which machines have the most fixlets required without selecting each one in turn. Many Thanks for the help

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Is this what you are looking for?


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Thanks for the reply. The report will be useful. I actually want to be able to see the number of fixlets on each computer in the console. I think its a custom properties I need.

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Try the following Report.

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I just created this with the help of Aram. It is a retreived property that returns a numeric value equal to the total number of relevant fixlets/tasks from the “Enterprise Security” site whose name start with “ms0” (All MS Patches). This works tremendous for us, really helps alot. Note that you cannot run this in QNA or the relevance debugger; I think because it reference’s data directly from the database.

Hope this helps

if name of operating system as lowercase starts with “win” then (number of relevant fixlets whose (value of header “Subject” of it as lowercase starts with “ms0”) of sites whose (name of it = “Enterprise Security”)) else nothings

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Works A treat. Thanks.