Tool Updated: SCC Download Plug-in and SCC Download Cacher published 2017-09-29

The SCC Download Plug-in and SCC Download Cacher have been updated with the following enhancements:

SCC Download Plug-in

The SCC Download Plug-in can now use packages that are cached by the SCC Download Cacher’s download_dir (which is referred to as localCache in the plugin.ini) and get packages from the Internet at the same time.

Previously, the SCCPlugin was used in the BigFix Server in either of the following scenarios:

  • fully air-gapped using SCCDownloadCacher or
  • internet-enabled without using SCCDownloadCacher.

With this enhancement, you can cache the packages offline to save time downloading the packages during a patching cycle.

SCC Download Cacher

Package sha1 download support
The SCC Download Cacher can now download packages as sha1 files instead of RPM.
Previously, when using the “buildRepo –key sles-12-x86_64-sp2” with the download cacher, the SUSE repository “sles-12-x86_64-sp2” structure is mirrored offline. This might result to duplication of packages if they are found in multiple repositories.

Using the –-sha1_download_dir will download all packages from all repositories (keys) as files with a sha1 filename into a single flat directory. Only the packages will be stored in the sha1_download_dir. Each repository metadata will still be stored in the download_dir and will still maintain the SUSE Repository directory structure.

Note: When using –sha1_download_dir, consider the cache limit of the BigFix server’s sha1 file folder.

Repository access check
New commands to verify if you have access to the BigFix supported SUSE base repositories and sub-repositories: check-baserepos and check-allrepos

Storage space requirement check
New command to calculate and check the storage space requirement when using the builRepo command: check-storagereq

This command outputs the required space to download the repository metadata and packages with and without the use of the --sha1_download_dir option.

Space-saving benchmarks
Space-saving benchmarks have been established with the use of the --sha1_download_dir option.

Using the --sha1_download_dir option have shown significant decrease in storage size, download size, and time when caching multiple repositories of the same SUSE version. This is because many packages are duplicated among repositories with the same SUSE version (for example, sles-12-x86_64-sp2, sles-12-x86_64-sp1, sled-12-x86_64-sp1). Space is not saved if you only cache a single repository for each SUSE version (for example, sles-12-x86_64-sp2, sles-11-x86_64-sp2).

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SCC Download Cacher, version

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