TLS 1.2 - Replication failed after switching to TLS1.2

Remote database.
Bigfix version 10.
MSSQL 2014 sp3.

Existing environment not supporting TLS 1.2.
Embarked to turn on TLS 1.2 on database server (Remote database).
Also turn on the enhanced security feature in Bes-Administration.
Found that console no longer able to connect to DB server.
Realized is due to ODBC connection is failing as the SQL Native driver is not supporting TLS 1.0.

Reconfigure the 64-bit ODBC to use ODBC-driver… Thus not using the SQL Native Driver.
After this the console is able to connect to DB server.

The only issue now is that replication is not working… Where should I be looking to resolving the issue ?


Update the SQL Server Native 2012 on the client the latest version, which supports TLS 1.2.

Microsoft released other patches as well, they are included in the cumulative update (CU)

But first of all you need to install the version at the first link.

The issue was with the SQL Server Native Client driver in root servers not supporting TLS1.2.
The ODBC connectivity from root servers to remote DB servers failed due to this.
Upgraded the SQL Server Native Client and the issue was resolved.
Tested the ODBC connectivity from root servers to remote DB servers successfully and all is good.

In my original post, I mentioned reconfiguring the ODBC to 64-bit ODBC-driver in the root servers. This is not good, as it only solves one issue, you will remain to have replication as another issue, thus please don’t do this. Upgrade the SQL Native Client driver in the root servers instead seamless and no reconfiguration of ODBC is required.

The remote DB is ok, as it has the driver that supports TLS1.2, thus no action required at remote DB servers in most cases unless you using a much older MSSQL version.

Hope this update will be helpful to those embarking on the TLS setting to disable weaker TLS1.0 and TLS1.1