Tivoli Provisioning manager for Os deployment

Hi all,

We are using TPMFOSD in our environment . Can we deploy Win 10 using the same.
As i am unable to find any option to deploy the same.
I am able to capture the image of Win 10 in our TPM but whenever we are deploying it is giving the error NO WPE software module found.

Please advise

TPM for OS deployment, as a standalone product, is end of service, and will not support deployment of new OSs. Win10 can be managed using the OSD application within BigFix Lifecycle. Thanks,

Hi Manyank

You need to update into latest version of TPMFOSD (290.x) then only you can deploy Windows and latest versions also.

MDT also 2013 Update 1 ( I think MDT version 3.9.x)

If you have above version you can deploy win10.

Hi @vikki

Thanks for the info , but TPMFosd is not getting downloaded
Please let me know the direct link if any to download the same.


You can get that TPMFOSD link through console itself by click Sever Management => Click Upload then its shown the Fix central link or else directly go to IBM Fix Central website select product and download by IBM ID.

You can use your IBM Account for downloading this.


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