ThinApp Package Detection

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Soooo, I know we won’t get the answer we want, but…

Is there any way to inventory a VMware ThinApp package so that it:

1 - Shows up in DSS SAM as a ThinApp application

2 - Show up as the actual application that is it

ThinApp leaves .exe stub files that appear (Same properties when you look at the details, except the size) to be the same as the actual applications files. Is there a way to make this work without manually building out the software catalog?

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Hi John,

I posted some general info on your other thread:

But I think you’ll need to build it out, or at least an analysis that looks in the user sandboxes. Of course, that won’t work until they run it. I’d definitely use the .msi wrapper instead of giving access to the .exe only in order to avoid that issue and retain some control over the apps that are out there.