The Private key does not match the site license certificate

Hi All ,

I’m new to ILMT/BIgFix and no expert on this tool.

What I’m trying to do is do this step by step installation like mentioned in here.

Installing BigFix > Step 4 Install the BigFix server.

Install the BigFix server.
a. In the Installation Guide, click Install Server, and click Install or Upgrade the Server on this computer.
b. Follow instructions in the installation wizard. When prompted, specify the location of the license.pvk file, and enter the password that you specified in step 1.f. Click OK to continue.

While doing the step b , I have used the license.pvk file that was generated at the first step.(1.f).

After entering the password , I’m seeing this error This private key does not match the site license certificate

can someone advise what is that i’m doing wrong.

A possible reason would be that the specified BES license authorization file was already used for another installation attempt. A BES license authorization file may be used only once.

Hi When i checked the X-Fixlet-Site-Serial-Number in below two paths , the serial number is not matching. can i get an advice why they are not matching.

C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\ActionSite.afxm


The expectation is that the serial number is the same one through all the following files:
-BES license authorization file

If you see different serial numbers through the above files the typical explanation would be that they belong to different installation attempts that used different BES license authorization files. So maybe the key mismatch error that you’re hitting is due to selecting a license.crt and a license.pvk that were generated at different times starting from different BES license authorization files. If you can no longer identify a matching crt/pvk pair, I’d suggest opening a ticket to BigFix Support to get full support on this.

HI There,
Thanks for the detailed explanation, it appears that i have been using a database that was already used by Old ILMT server and i left the BES Reporting and BFEEnterprise tables without dropping them.

So when i tried to point my new setup to the same database and because of tables already being there it was referring to old actionsite the installation reported that error.

i have dropped the databases and it resolved issue.

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