The new chromium-based Microsoft Edge arrives January 15th. It will not receive updates via Windows Update

Please vote for this RFE:

The new Microsoft Edge arrives January 15th.

While the new Edge will be rolled out via Windows Update/WSUS, it will not be updated via Windows Update/WSUS and instead updates like Chrome does…necessitating the RFE.

You can block the new chromium based Edge deployment with this tool:

There are some great new features of the new chromium Edge browser including better GPO management and Internet Explorer mode, plus it is snappier than the current Edge.

Please vote for the RFE:


hello ,

Is bigfix planing to create new site for this ? we want to use bigfix’s fixlets . we are happy to use this.

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still there is not update for win10 patch for Edge browser ? I don’t see any patches exists in BigFix Console.