The bigfix server on port 52311 is not accessible to me

Hi everyone,
I am configuring the IBM License Metric Tool and at the time of entering the connection parameters for the initial data source configuration, I get the error Could not connect with http://“server name”:52311. SQLEXPRESS, BigFIX, and ILTM are installed locally on the same server.

Launch the query with this code (https://"“server name”:52311/cgi-bin/bfenterprise/clientregister.exe?RequestType=Version) and return this information to the ClientRegister Version It can be seen if it is active. Thank you for your help in fixing this issue. I was able to log in without any issues by using the same admin credentials as the BigFix console.

Check the same hostname is being used in your browser test and int he web interface.

Disable the “Automatic Name Lookup” and supply your own version of the name (short name, FQDN, IP Address…)

Check whether proxy environment variables are configured. They might not be used by your browser but might be used by the JAVA app running ILMT.