TEM Patch Management Client for Oracle Enterprise Linux

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TEM Patch Management for Oracle Enterprise Linux servers will be “comming soon”. Is there any published roadmap?

We installed the BESAgent-8.2.1175.0-rhe5.x86_64.rpm on the OEL server. Where can we configure the credentials for the Unbreakable Linux Network to populate the patch repository?

Please contact me, if you have any info about TEM Patch Management Client for Oracle Enterprise Linux.



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I’m looking for similar information. Anyone know if Oracle patching will be supported?

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Hate to bring this from the dead but I too would like to know if OEL will be supported and patches will be available in TEM.


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Hi dlimanov,

From what I gather, OEL support is not yet included in the plan. You can submit a request for enhancement (RFE) in the RFE Community. The following link points to a page which has the request form:


I took the liberty of searching for any previous requests, but looks like yours will be the first submitted, if ever. :slight_smile:

Any news on Oracle Linux support?

All RFEs is declined with the same reason:

IEM agents and solutions both run on and support the use of RHEL Linux.
(4,5,6). We do not create OEL patch content so our recommendation to
users is to ‘tweak’ RHEL fixlets to patch OEL directly using the RHEL

Sorry to bump an old thread but there’s a recent announcement that BigFix Patchs now supports Oracle Linux 7 patches.

Check out this blog post:


Please let me know what all are the pre-requisites should be there in our environment to configure Oracle Linux patching.

I need it from configuration perspective, ports and hardware requirement etc, please help me with that.

Jatin khanna

Posting again in the second thread: You would need to install agents on your OEL machines and you would need an Entitled Oracle Linux Account to use for downloading patches.

Check out the OEL manual here: