TEM installed application and licenses

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Is it possible to manage licensing with TEM? I would like to see what and how many times is installed and compare with how many licenses is purchased. With Excel plug-in I get list of all the programs if I don’t have analyses for this. In web reports I have application search used, but I get listed programs by version and I have to calculate manually to get number for different version like IE8 – just one update installed and IE and is different version that is causing me problems.

Is it also possible to get key which was used for install? I know that my request is more for CMDB, but I think TEM is powerful enough for producing this result.

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You need the DSS Software Asset Manager… It does all this and more…


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Has this DSS have any prerequisites (using 3party tool or ibm tool) or is this a part of TEM? How is licensed for system lifecycle?

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If not mistaken, the new TEM DSS (Software usage analysis) can get number of software installed, and produce the result you wanted by your filter (depend how you customize it), pre-requisite is your TEM need to subscribe to this DSS site as well and it does not require third party tool. To get the key used for installation, I think you just try query from registry as license usually stored at registry (for windows)