TEM for Core Protection 10.5 Released!

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Hi All,

I am pleased to announce a major update to Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Core Protection (TEM-CP), our integrated anti-malware and firewall product for Windows and Mac computers. Note that TEM for Core Protection is the updated name for what was formerly referred to as the BigFix Core Protection Module (CPM).

This product represents a close collaboration between IBM and Trend Micro that has enabled us to deliver a deep integration of Trend’s anti-malware engine such that it is completely managed by the TEM Console.

Major features in this release include:

  • OfficeScan engine update: The Core Protection anti-malware and firewall engine has been updated to leverage Trend Micro’s latest engine, OfficeScan v10.5.

  • Improved reporting and workflow: New views such as the Protection Status Dashboard provide at-a-glance status of critical metrics and Core Protection services, providing remediation steps in the same view.

  • Cloud-based “Smart Scanning”: Support for Trend Micro’s cloud-based Smart Protection Network has now been expanded to include file reputation, adding to the existing web reputation capabilities available in previous versions of the product. This industry-leading technology results in significantly lower signature sizes and correspondingly lower client resource requirements, as the majority of threat information is stored in the cloud. This cloud-based protection model provides improved threat detection capabilities, and has been proven through independent 3rd-party AV testing organizations to perform significantly better than other vendors in the AV market. Note that the traditional signature-based model is still supported, and this “Smart Scanning” is an optional feature. Please work with your TEM account team to assess whether this feature would work well in your enterprise.

  • Virtualization Awareness - Integration with Citrix XenDesktop and VMWare View enables automatic serialization of AV scans to avoid AV storms that occur when many guests on the same physical server kick-off scans at the same time. This virtualization awareness enables organizations to increase the ROI from virtualization investments by allowing for a higher density of guests on a physical host.

  • Behavior Monitoring - Monitors processes and applications for suspicious behaviors and safeguards the Core Protection client.

  • Point-of-Sale support - TEM for Core Protection now supports the Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 platform.

You can learn more about the TEM for Core Protection product by visiting the following resources:

We hope you enjoy this update to TEM for Core Protection. We welcome any feedback you may have as you explore the new features.