TEM Deployment to a Different Domain

(imported topic written by nissark)


I have a scenario where we are bringing our current TEM infrastructure to a different domain (say from domain ABC.com to XYZ.com).

We have 8000 clients already connected with WinXP in ABC.com.

Have one or more relay machines in different sites with automatic selection from client end.

We created a DSA environment and created a secondary TEM server in XYZ.com (1) and replicated all the tasks, Fixlet, packages, etc. in XYZ.com from ABC.com.

Now, we want to shutdown ABC.com server. We will make ABC.com server to master server (0) after previous server shutdown.

Could someone please help me for the checklist I needed to follow during server shutdown in XYZ.com and also please confirm if I need to do any changes from client end as well after\before activity.

PS: Client will automatically come to the new domain by a policy push on new domain.