TEM BESAgent continuously scanning /Applications folder on Mac OS X

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The BESAgent appears to be scanning the /Applications folder on Mac OS X nonstop.

Is this the default behaviour of the client agent or is there some fixlet/task running that causes it to do that?

I ran “fs_usage -f filesys BESAgent” and see a never ending stream of pread/open/getattrlist again anything inside my /Applications folder.

As some applications contain folders with many other files (e.g. Eclipse, Microsoft Office, MAMP etc) the scanning process takes some time. It then repeats, thus there is always a scan happening.

This continuous access of my local disk is undesirable.

Would appreciate any guidance on whether this is normal behaviour for the agent or whether it is a configuration.

Is there also a way to tell the agent to not scan subdirectories in the Applications folder? Or at least don’t bother with none .app files? At the moment every file is touched.


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Hi Tony,

Are you talking about the internal deployment of TEM in IBM? If yes, please contact me offlist as this issue is probably specific to how IBM has configured the Mac client.

Noah Salzman/San Francisco/IBM