TEM/BES web reports customized executable

(imported topic written by EdAmmendola)

I would like to direct the output of a scheduled web report to a filename and folder of my choice on the web reports server. I am trying to run a web report as a scheduled activity to generate a csv file for a data feed to another process separate from TEM. I tried using the archive feature, but that creates a moving target, as the folder name changes. I am looking at the customized executable as an option to output a file, but I’m unable to get it to work at all. I tried the BESMakePDF.exe, then I tried to create a .bat file just to just to see if it would run that, but I can’t seem to get an output. Also, there are like three lines in the documentation:

The executable runs as the Web Reports service’s user through the shell. It runs in the background, without a user interface. Select an executable from the pull-down menu. There are some reserved words that can pass variable information to the executable:

: passes the scheduled Activity name.

: passes the generated report file.

: passes the name of the Activity creator.

There are no examples of the syntax for using these reserved words. So, as I am experimenting with combinations of things, we aren’t sure if we are even formatting the parameters correctly.

For example. Should the reportfile be used as is or does it take a value like reportfile:D:\somedir\myfile.pdf?

If someone could shed some light on this or if you think there is a better way to approach, please let me know.