Task Windows in-place upgrade

Hello All.

Could you help me or explain How this task is working? How can I prepare (import) image to library and use it.
My request is upgrade and migrate Windows 7 to Windows 10 using this task.

I have imported a few image in Image Library such as:
W10x64 1809
W10x64 1803
W10x64 1607
and W7

but this task doesn`t see these images. Please see below.

I read IBM Documentation

and a see point 1.
From the Image Library dashboard, import the Windows 10 images for the editions that you want to deploy.

Where, how to import image so that it is visible. This is not precisely wrote

could you please check that images have type “setup”? It means that you imported from the ISO image disk
Only this kind of images can be used to trigger Windows in-place upgrade

I found problem :slight_smile: My currently images in Library was not imported from ISO but only .wim
When I imported images from disc ISO then problem solved.