Task require input?

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Is it possible to create a task and require input from the bigfix operator?

for example, lets say you wanted to run a ping command on remote computers but wanted to be able to specify the server they are pinging when you execute the task…


waithidden cmd.exe /c ping %operatorinput% >> \networklocation%computername%.txt

Note, this is just an example, just looking to see if its there… In this case the operator would specify the %operatorinput% variable when executing the task…

not possible?

(imported comment written by SystemAdmin)

Check out ‘action parameter query’ on page 41 of the BigFix Action Language Reference.


action parameter query “PING_SERVER” with description “Enter the name of the server to ping” with default value “localhost”

You can then use 'parameter “PING_SERVER” in other parts of your actionscript. e.g.

waithidden cmd.exe /c {parameter “PING_SERVER”} >> \networklocation%computername%.txt