Task inside baseline expires

I have a task that calls a script on a server (not sure if this is the best approach):

wait /bin/ksh /tmp/my_script.ksh stop
parameter “error” = "{exit code of action}"
if {parameter “error” != “0”}
exit {parameter “error”}

I include this task at the start of a baseline to stop an application. After reviewing the action after completion i noticed that the task had expired (the script was never run and the app was not stopped). The rest of the fixlets (security patches) within the baseline were installed successfully. Why would the task have expired? The only relevance clause i have is that only a specific group of systems should be applicable.


When you take an action and make a MAG out of a baseline, all actions should have the same expiration date/time (the action issue date) so this doesn’t seem to make sense. How did you determine this had expired and not the others?

I figured it out (foolish mistake on my part). I had 2 versions of the same task. I deleted one of them. The task i deleted was the one being referenced in the baseline.

Did you have any retry/reapply behavior on the baseline? The Fixlets would show as ‘Fixed’ when they become non-relevant, but I am not sure a Task would show as Fixed.