Taking actions with a time constraint using an absolute time zone

(imported topic written by jeremy_spiegel91)

You can currently constrain an action taken from the BES Console to start and end at a certain date and time, to only run between certain times within the day, and to only run on certain days of the week. All these constraints are evaluated by the clients in their own local time zones. We’ve received many requests for being able to specify an absolute time zone, such that all clients will run the action at the same time, regardless of what time zone they’re in.

There are two different ways to specify this ‘absolute time’:

  1. As an offset from GMT, like ‘-0800’. This wouldn’t be adjusted for changes in daylight saving time.

  2. As a region, as you would specify when editing the time zone on a Windows system, where a setting would look like ‘(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)’. This would be adjusted for changes in daylight saving time.

The second option introduces additional complexity beyond that of the first option, and we’re not sure whether users will want the automatic adjustment. Would anyone like to give us some feedback about which option to choose?