Take action options in MDM

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Hi folks

Does anybody know if there are any limitations in how to deploy MDM actions (reapply when relevant, re-apply X times if the action fails…) against iOS devices?

I know that a lot of “take action options” are disabled in MDM module, but i found a customer that was using “reapply when relevant each 15 min” and “retry if failed each 15 min” and they complain because newer actions weren´t running on devices. I realise that there was a loop of only 2 of these actions running in the iosmdm extender forever…

When i stopped these 2 older actions (the loop), newer actions run, but since that, customer doesn´t select reapply and retry options anymore. I thought these options that are enabled should work as they work on computers with other modules of IEM, but maybe the way that it works (actions are really run in the extender, not in iOS devices) makes it work different.

Has anybody experienced something like this?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve tried re-apply for iOS settings like “data roaming” and this works aok. See -