Take Action - Execution Tab - Controlling run time

When taking an action, if you look on the Execution Tab, you have different options for when to have the action take place.

I was wondering if the Start On and End On could be used to tell BigFix the timeframe to collect information on the progress of the Action, while using Run Between to determine when the action script actually starts running. See the picture below

In this example, I would like BigFix to continue reporting any updates that occur to the status of this action between 7am on Oct 5th through 7am on Oct 6th.
I also don’t want the action script contained in this task to start running until 9am, but, if it hasn’t started by 11:59am, to give up on trying to run the action script.

This way, I can control when the action script runs, while not risking the collection of status information from being cut off.

I tried something similar to this, and it seemed to start running the action script at the Starts On time, not the beginning of the Run between timeframe.

If I need to set the Starts on time and the beginning of the Runs between time to the same time, that would befine, as long as the Runs between information controls when the action can actually begin.


Yes, it should behave as you describe, with the caveat that the “runs between” controls the action start time, and a running action may continue past the end time (it just won’t start after the end time).

This is commonly used to execute actions after-hours or on multiple weekends.

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Thank you!