System Error 35 network path not found

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Hi Experts,

I am getting System Error 35 : network path not found while deploying TEM clients through remote deployment.

Also found that the error is due to Admin$ not Available in end points.

Any clues to deploy the TEM clients remotely apart from admin$?

I need to deploy more than 10,000 Endpoint machines.

Any help is really appreciable.

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Is the C$ share available? I would expect since the Admin$ is not, that the C$ is also disabled.

If these are disabled, then it is going to be fairly interesting to deploy :slight_smile:

Other methods

  1. Other in-house deployment tools

  2. Active directory

  3. Login scripts - although with this, the users will need admin access

If you have the C$ share and you have admin access to all systems, you could write something to copy the files and remote execute (psexec).

You could also see about getting the Admin$ share activated if that is possible, but I know some companies do not like that.

Martin Carnegie

Gulf Breeze Software Partners