Synchronizing Baselines

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Is is possible to have a new column or a flag added to all applicable baselines, under the baselines tab in the console, that would be highlighted or flagged to show a baseline that needs to have content modified? An operator would be able to quickly see that any components of a baseline are out of sync and would be able to take action.

I know we receive Content Modification Announcement emails, which are great, and I checked the full technical changelist for version 7, but I didn’t see that this was a feature in version 7. If it is, and I missed reading about it, that is great, as we currently are on version 6. Thank you.

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If you check the dashboard ‘Deployment Health Checks’ there is a health check for Baselines being out of sync in the deployment optimization section. It is supposed to notice that the definition of the fixlet differs from the one in the baseline and gives you a warning about it. It also points out which baselines are out of sync. This isn’t exactly what you are looking for but it might help some!

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Thanks Tyler. I didn’t see it in the console, but I will keep an eye out for it.