Sync of Web Reports in a DSA configuration

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Since each server in a DSA model has it’s own WebReports Server without any replication or sync features I wanted to see what others may be doing to keep them aligned.

I was hoping to find a KB discussing on how to pull and push information such as accounts and custom reports from one to another but there seems to be so little on the topic.

I don’t really one to just run only one server, that was the point of DSA to have the replication in for higher availability.

So how are you coping with this?



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I think 8.0 syncs the web reports database too… I will double-check on that…

(imported comment written by MrFixit)

We will not be on 8.0 till first of the year, but it would be great if this would only be a temp situation while we are on 7.2.