Symantec AV indicating that besclient 9.5.12 suspect?

This is on a PC with 14.2 Symantec. Defender is fine with it from the same relay.

besclientupgrade.exe is just a renamed bes client 9.5.12 exe installer:

prefetch BESClientUpgrade.exe sha1:013e9b580d061266dfd84410fb161ed725b23630 size:16905168 sha256:c04103ac033bdd8df63ab5c7d46d88f864c8350ae3799121c0e9ea6b7a3ec5df

All AV engines on virustotal report that it’s clean so my guess is that Download Insight is just flagging it because its relatively new.

I’ve just reported it to Symantec as a false-positive. I did the same with 9.5.11, it took them about 48-hours to whitelist it.