Swd package troubleshooting

I’m trying to push a software package in bigfix using the below command switches but I’m not getting to far. Where can i check the log files to see where and how its failing? I’m also want to use a domain service account to push this install so in the uername switch do i need domain\username?

<InstallerExeFile> [/type=<onlyagent] [/log=”<absolute-path-to-log-file>”] [/username=<value> [/password=<value>]] [/verysilent] [/suppressmsgboxes] [/norestart]

@esardinha – you can take a look at the override command to see how to make BigFix agent execute under a different user. Both options (user@domain or domain\user) should work. More on override command (with examples) here: https://developer.bigfix.com/action-script/reference/execution/override.html

Client logs will be placed in folder C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData__Global\Logs\ by default. For log file locations in general, you can always refer to this:

Hope that helps!

I think it depends a lot on what the installer is doing…in this case I suspect it’s not a matter of running the setup.exe under a user account, but the setup may be creating a Service and using custom credentials for the “Log On As” entry for the Service itself.

yes correct once installed it will run under a service and use that service account. Can this be done?

I will check, thanks!