SWD Issue with Downloading Large Packages

Every month when I setup my packages for O365 in the Manage Software Distribution, I have trouble with getting a large file uploaded to the server. Eventually, like several hours, the 3 GB file gets uploaded. It shouldn’t take that long. How can I check the status of the upload, or find out why it is so slow?

The most common issue to this that I find, is when the large file is on a network share. Is the file local on your console computer?

I’ve run into that issue with both SWD and OS Deployment. The console calculates hashes of the file first, and hashing a file over SMB shares is extremely slow because of the way hashes get calculated (reading small blocks of the file at a time, that the SMB protocol does not deal with very well).

The file is local in my %temp%. So, there should not be a problem with creating the hash, correct. My upload speed is not great at 11 MB up, but still it seems to take a couple of hours before the file is uploaded, and the only indication is when I send the task I get a message that the file is not in the upload directory. The SWD does not indicate a problem. I take that back. There is an exclamation mark next to the package in the SWD. It is a subtle indicator that does go away when the file is uploaded. If I could just see the progress of the upload, I would be happier.

@JasonWalker Can the hash calculation be avoided, or handled in some other manner, such as using the MS supplied hash somehow?