Support for Windows Server 2008?

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Does BigFix 7.0 have any support for Windows Server 2008? I know there isn’t any Security Patch content yet, but has there been any testing on the Betas?

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Furthermore… I’d still like to see BigFix certified for 2003/2008 Datacenter, Clusters, and Storage Servers. It might ‘work’, but in our enterprise… if it’s not certified, it doesn’t go on… Makes it a big pain for inventory and patching.


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Hey Curt,

We have tried it and it seems to work, but we haven’t done a full verification cycle yet because it is not quite late enough in the BETAs for us to spend the full QA time (in the last few OS releases, Microsoft changed a lot between the last few BETAs and made us waste a lot of time qualifying things that never would be deployed)… We will be qualifying all components (agent, server, relay, console) on Windows Server 2008.

In fact, because BigFix components are deployed at so many companies (large and small) these days, many of our customers have asked both us and Microsoft to do some specific testing together to verify that everything works well… so I expect that we will have some quality test results and hopefully some official certifications for Windows Server 2008.