Support for Linux / OSX

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We are interested in going to a single agent solution but we need to support linux and osx. When BigFix offered the CA AV engine, there was always hope this would happen (CA had a central management app and agents for them). Now that Trend is the soup de jour, our hope is dwindling. Trend has a linux client but I’m not sure if it is centrally managed. And the have partenered with a OSX app vendor but it’s not integrated at all.

So my question to BigFix is will you be supporting cross platform AV anytime soon?

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Hey jspanitz,

I don’t believe our Trend Micro CPM integration currently contains the Linux or Mac AV Agent, but they have plans to support these agents (which will be incorporated into our integrated central management)… I guess your key question is around timing of when this might be available… I will try to tackle some of our Trend Micro friends when they come around and see if we can get some more firm timelines…

In terms of CA AV, we will also need to talk to them about how we might incorporate their other AV platforms, but as it stands right now, we only have talked to them about their Windows agents.