Supplementary Content for Recommended Patch Cluster Fixlets Now Available

(imported topic written by KarenKue)

IBM is pleased to announce the release of supplementary content for Recommended Patch Cluster Fixlets. The Recommended Patch Cluster patch contains hundreds of updates and requires a significant amount of disk space to download and install.


  • Disk space check
  • The ‘Solaris 10: Insufficient Disk Space - /var’ task (ID 3) that checks whether the file system containing /var has sufficient space to extract and install Recommended Patch Cluster patches.
  • Client pre-cache configuration setting
  • For pre-caching scenarios, you can use the ‘Set Client Pre-cache Configuration Setting’ task (ID 8) to assign a new value for the pre-cache configuration setting (BE SCli ent Down load _Pre Cach eSta geDi skLi mitM B) to enable the Recommended Patch Cluster installation.
  • Additional log
  • To debug the commands used to install patch cluster, check the log located in var/ opt/ BESC lien t/__ BESD ata/ __Gl obal /Log s/.i nsta llcl uste r.lo g. The log follows the IBM Endpoint Manager log format, which starts with a timestamp for each run.
  • Note: If the Fixlet is deployed to an endpoint multiple times on the same day, each run is appended to the log file. The log file does not get overwritten.

Actions to Take:

Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.

Published Site Version:

Patches for Solaris Site, version 1592

Application Engineering Team
IBM Endpoint Manage