Summerized Analysis from Console to Web Reports

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I created a couple analysis that looks for certain versions of software that returns either “True” or “False”. We also have a couple custom properties we use for our computer grouping. I can filter through “true” in the console and see the machines and the numbers and percentage of machines with the software from the summerized view.

I am wondering how i can get this same view in Web Reports so I can setup a job to be mailed out daily.

I figure if i can get the result I want in the console it should port easily into web reports.



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Hey Stacy,

Have you tried the “Analysis Report” in the BES Web Reports? It has a summarization option just like the BES Console.


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Yea I tried that. It’s not showing the data the same way as displayed in the console. I’ve opened a support case to see if i can get more help filtering it out the same way.


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I was hopeful I could figure out a way to see a “View as a list” version of an analysis in the new v8.x web reports similar to the console view but I can’t quite seem to be able to do it. I do see the “View as Summary” via the Analysis Report. Is there an way to accomplish this?



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In the “Explore Data” page, you can add a chart for any property interested.

Underneath the chart, there is a list that looks like the “View as list” table in the Console.

Lee Wei

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Hi Lee,

Well that’s entirely obvious. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. Must have been a very off day but you response was very kind.

LOVE the new features in Web Reports. Giant leap forward.