Suggestions for inattentive operators

I have a baseline that can only be run if there are no pending reboots. It is not relevant for an endpoint if it has a pending reboot (which usually means Windows Update is busily updating) because during testing I determined that the antivirus install was failing due to this. Despite having a warning in red letters in the Description of the baseline that it cannot be “forced” by entering the hostname of an endpoint that isn’t relevant, I still have some operators that either don’t see it or decide to try it anyway.

Is there any way to have a message display that pops up when they try this? I see the “Edit Script Element”, but cannot find any real documentation on this.

If you’re a console user, you could use session relevance in a description of a custom fixlet to prevent the deployment etc. There are a lot of advanced things you can do in the description (see the BES server upgrade fixlet or the WebUI deploy fixlet for some examples)