Suggestion needed in case of bigfix server crashes?

Hi ,

I need a suggestions to use either DSA or use back/restore strategy for my production environment having 20000+ endpoints.

Secondly If i’m using a backup and restore, then my previous states like all the groups and all the client setting will remain there or it will be a fresh installation after restore?

Please suggest me, which option will be good for me and how much time will be required in order to get back to normal behavior of bigfix.

Thank you.

You should choose both DSA & as well as backing up important things like- complete server backup or dedicated storage drives backup & daily backup of DB.

if you have taken full VM backup or snapshot of VM state then it will remain same there will be no much difference apart from latest action/fixlet/task/analysis.

And in case of DSA setup, whenever primary server will be down there will be no downtime more than 3-5 min., if you go with backing up only drives/folder/DB then downtime will more based on the situation to take your root server functional as before.

@vk.khurava i cant take a snapshot as it is not allowed on production servers.

please suggest me whether to go for DSA or choose backup and restore option. i thought dsa will be more complex in term of its management as compare to bigfix backup and restore strategy.

Can you please provide me the reviews on both options.