Subscription Issues

written by DG1M_Harry_Ho)

Just to start off, I have searched a lot through the forums and externally to find an answer. Maybe I am doing something wrong, I don’t know.

I have downloaded and connected my Android phone to the TEM Server. In the console, I can see it as an android device. However, it is not subscribed at all to the actualy mdm site. Is there a specific way to subscribe it to the site? I can even recommend apps and it works on the phone. However, I can’t access the management commands because I don’t think it is subscribed properly. I can still view the device and some of the info, but even some of the reports aren’t generating either. It is like it recognizes it as a device on the server, but stops.

When trying to set up the configuration properly I have tried deploying the enrollment extender, I check the action history and it actually doesn’t apply anything to the attached device (because it won’t read it as a subscribed device).

What am I dong wrong? What should I do first?

written by DTan)

Are you using evaluation license, or has your TEM license expired?

You can check the license overview dashboard in BigFix Management domain to find out.

If not, you may not have any computer subscribed to the MDM site.

To do that, you can follow below instructions:

  1. select Mobile Device Management domain (bottom left)

  2. expand All Mobile Device Management Content (in the list at top-left)

  3. select “Sites” node

  4. select “Mobile Device Management” site (Top-right pane)

  5. At the button right pane, select 2nd tab “Computer Subscriptions”.

  6. You can select “All Computers”, and click the “Save Changes” button above it.

written by DG1M_Harry_Ho)

I was able to get it done with the all subscribed. I ended up doing that myself as well. Thanks for the response though.