Subscribed sites of bes computers - new?

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Is this new in version 8? It works in my lab, but I get errors elsewhere. How would I get the same info on version 7? No idea where I got it from…

(name of it, display names of subscribed sites of it) of bes computers

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These are new session inspectors to version 8.

I’m sure you can probably go from the other way looking at all the sites and seeing which have subscribed computers.

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Queries like these always cause me problems. Any advice if I want a report like this? Basically


computers, even if they’re not in a group, followed by which groups they’re in? Lots easier with that new inspector for sure…

sys1: BES Support


sys3: BES Support, Power Management

sys4: Patches for Windows (English)

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You can consider this:

unique values of

(item 0 of it & " - " & item 1 of it) of

(names of subscribed computers of it,

name of it) of bes sites

Lee Wei