SUA Catalog Download to endpoints "Unexpected HTTP response: 403 Forbidden"

Configurando la ultima versión y una vez que tengo instalado el servidor y distribuido los agentes y tengo hacer el Catalog Download y tira el error “Unexpected HTTP response: 403 Forbidden” en todas las computadoras.

Alguna idea?

Can you please provide screenshots?

Can you provide more context?

It sounds like you are talking about Software Usage Analysis, but I am not certain.

jgstew, no tengo la posibilidad de hacer un screenshots, pero envio una imagen de lo que quiero hacer en el momento que tengo el error. En lugar de decir “Complete”, tengo el mensaje de error “Unexpected HTTP response: 403 Forbidden”

I told the BigFix guys I knew elementary Spanish so let’s have some fun:

¿Has acceder a la URL de la fixlet en un navegador web en el servidor de BigFix? ¿Te has puesto a prueba la configuración de proxy?

Have you tried accessing the URL from the fixlet in a web browser on the BigFix server? Have you tested the proxy configuration on your BigFix server (if you have it configured)?

Strawgate, copié el Link y lo pegué en el Browser del Servidor y en el de un Cliente y abre el link dejando bajar el archivo normalmente.

So it sounds like you are saying that the file does download normally if you browse to the link directly in a browser?

Also, this does seem to be related to getting the SUA catalog updates onto your endpoints.

jgstew, está relacionado con la distribución del catalogo a los endpoints, justamente. Cuando intenta enviar estos catalogos a los endpoints desde la consola del bigfix se produce este error.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I changed the category of this post to reflect that it is related to SUA so that those responsible are more likely to see it. I also adjusted the title of the post a bit to reflect the info provided a bit more.

I don’t know much about this issue, but I wonder if your clients are trying to download the file directly from the SUA server but they can’t reach it instead of downloading the file from the BigFix relays.

El error muestra en su descripción la ruta de descarga desde el servidor.

Yo tengo instalado ILMT y estoy siguiendo los pasos del video de Youtube
En el minuto 12 es donde podrán ver que es lo que intento hacer y donde consigo el error.

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Here is the direct link to the time in the video that you are working from:

You are downloading the catalog download .bes from ILMT and importing it into the BigFix console and running it against your clients. It is during the running it against the clients that you are having the issue.

I would try to download the file on one of the endpoints that are having the issue in the browser of the endpoint and see if you get the same HTTP 403 Forbidden error.

I would need to see the actionscript in the catalog download action to see what it is doing, but it definitely should have the URL for some of your servers embedded that you should redact.

Desde el Browser de un endpoint puedo descargar el catalogo. El script lo voy a tener en unos dias.

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The actionscript that this action is using should be about the same for anyone using ILMT or SUA.

I’ll have to see if I can find a recent one in my environment or generate one, but in the meantime, if anyone else could provide it, it would be useful to try to figure out what is going on here.

Envio screenshots y scritp ejecutado.

 action is for Catalog: Version: 1127221.0 (Last Modified: 
2015-08-13T06:26:01.217) - Catalog generated: 2015-10-19 14:44:42 UTC
                                               // WINDOWS
if {((name of operating system) as lowercase) contains "win"}
                parameter "homefolder" = "{pathname of parent folder of regapp "besclient.exe" & "\LMT\CIT"}"
                parameter "filemasks" = "{(parameter "homefolder") & "\file_mask.txt"}"
                parameter "versionfile" = "{(parameter "homefolder") & "\"}"
                prefetch catalog.xml.bz2 sha1:05e6396801bd7298c96ff41b0ee85f0dcbff936f size:383851
                delete "{parameter "homefolder" as string}\catalog.xml.bz2"
                copy __Download\catalog.xml.bz2 "{parameter "homefolder" as string}\catalog.xml.bz2"
                // Create file with file masks list for software scan
                delete __createfile
                createfile until _END_
                delete "{parameter "filemasks" as string}"
                move __createfile "{parameter "filemasks" as string}"
 parameter "homefolder" = "{pathname of parent folder of parent folder 
of client folder of site "actionsite" & "/LMT/CIT"}"
                parameter "filemasks" = "{(parameter "homefolder") & "/file_mask.txt"}"
                parameter "versionfile" = "{(parameter "homefolder") & "/"}"
                if {name of operating system as lowercase contains "linux"}
prefetch catalog.xml.bz2 sha1:b8395a4cb489d86009b695f2a230965829892c7c size:368888 sha256:13c4e9d538e8cac14034e3a6dece3ef5eb3ed582be3ce2f4d59dc133bd90ce34
if {name of operating system as lowercase contains "aix"}
                               prefetch catalog.xml.bz2 sha1:6dda19038fff5c1d271b644db9642b3913042136 size:354724
                if {name of operating system as lowercase contains "sunos 5"}
                               prefetch catalog.xml.bz2 sha1:19a85f9d8101b3f135d7ab4d9fb3cf09e8d2ca40 size:348033
                if {name of operating system as lowercase contains "hp-ux"}
                               prefetch catalog.xml.bz2 sha1:b3d9c3117479d47845458492b5bcf12c62502bc3 size:337178
                delete "{parameter "homefolder" as string}/catalog.xml.bz2"
                copy __Download/catalog.xml.bz2 "{parameter "homefolder" as string}/catalog.xml.bz2"
                // Create file with file masks list for software scan
                delete __createfile
                createfile until _END_
                delete "{parameter "filemasks" as string}"
                move __createfile "{parameter "filemasks" as string}"
delete "{parameter "versionfile"}"
delete __appendfile
appendfile 1127221.0
move __appendfile "{parameter "versionfile"}"

Success Criteria
This action will be considered successful when it runs to completion.

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Can the root server download the catalog from the SUA server?

Is the root server behind a proxy?

jgstew desde el server donde está instalado BIGFIX puedo bajar el archivo

Ayer intenté modificando el script que ejecuta la tarea con:
add nohash prefetch item

Pero obtuve el mismo error

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The SSL error could be related to the issue, but I’m not sure it would be. The SSL issue is the only thing I am seeing that seems like it could be part of the problem. You could manually cache the catalog on the root server and that would probably get things to work.

I would definitely recommend opening a PMR with IBM about this if you haven’t already: How to ask for IBM product help: PMRs, RFEs, and more

The forum is not really meant for traditional support, though it is often a good idea to pursue both a resolution through the forum and a PMR.

jgstew, ya habia hecho este paso de hacer el Cache del catalogo en el servidor root. Si ves la ruta del script verás que apunta al servidor root.

The catalogs don’t seem to point at the root server, they point at the SUA server.

You can check the root server cache and see if a copy of the catalogs are already there. It should be in a file with a matching SHA1 or SHA256 file name. If they are already on the root server, then this suggests to me that the clients are all trying to download the file directly from the SUA server that they cannot reach in all cases, which is causing the issue.

If the catalogs are not already on the root server, then they could be added the same way JAVA updates are manually cached. If the catalogs are not already on the root server, then it STILL may be the case that the clients are trying to download them directly from SUA and this is why it is failing.

You may need to check the endpoints that are failing and see if they are set to download files directly from the internet instead of going through their parent relay.