Stopping 'replaced' patches

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I was taught by the previous person who managed Big Fix to stop the patches that the NEW fixlet replaced. Is this necessary? His logic behind it was you dont want the fixlets to loop over one another if one is being replaced. Can anyone shed some light on this topic for me?

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I can’t be positive about it but I think your old admin was pointing out that sometimes Microsoft will re-release a patch or release a later patch which supersedes a previous patch. In either case, the new version of the patch is the only one that needs to be applied and you have to deploy it even if the old one is already deployed so its pointless to deploy the older versions. This doesn’t happen very often but its something to keep an eye out for.

In the BigFix world, when you take an action off a Fixlet, you create a copy of the relevance and actionscript. If the Fixlet is updated or a newer patch is released, your existing actions are not affected. Your admin may be suggesting that you need to go back and stop these types of actions and deploy the updated versions instead.

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Is he talking about superseded patches? It is probably a good idea to stop actions of superseded patches to prevent unnecessary installation of patches, which will speed up patching of a PC that hasn’t been turned on in a while. I can’t see anything breaking by leaving open actions of ‘replaced’ patches, although it is probably good practice to stop them for efficiency reasons.