Status showing Not Relevant altough application was successfully installed

I’ve sent a task for the deployment of an app to several devices. The status of the action on several devices is showing as not relevant but after checking every single device it turns out that the application has been installed on every single device that reported the status as Not Relevant. What could cause this ?
Console version
If there is any other piece of information required from my side in order to sort this out, please do no hesitate to ask.

Thank you in advance

The only way this could occur is if the app was already on the devices. Either from another action or manually.

If it reports not relevant than it didn’t run on the endpoint. If you right click and show action info does it indicate any retries? Does it have a start and end time?

The Fixlet which this action addresses is not relevant on this machine.

Status Not Relevant
Start Time Not Executed
End Time Not Executed
Exit Code None

It was not a manual install, i have used a test machine to recreate the issue and had the same result.
App was not present on the device.
Also have had other deployments with the same issue. This started to occur once we upgraded the console/client etc

So you’ll want to look at the client log to see what happened. The client log will cover every single thing the client does. The client will not install an application that appears as not relevant so there is something else going on here

The status of the action returns as not relevant, and the software has already been installed.

That sounds like it is working as expected. What is the criteria for success or relevance of the task? Is it based on whether the application is installed or not? If the task is relevant in the console, but the action evaluates as not relevant on the endpoint, it sounds like the client endpoint has not been able to generate/sent a report with the most current information of the client up to the server. Try right clicking on the computer in the console and issuing a Send Refresh to the client to have it send up a full report of its current property data.

Also, you may want to try clearing the console cache and restart the console.

And you may want to try restarting the endpoint machine as well.