Status for Hyper-visor Data Shows 'No VM Manager Data'

I have a mixed environment with VMWare, Citrix Xen & Amazon hosted Machines. For VMWare & Xen, I have configured the VM Manager to retrieve the data from the hosts and show the correct calculations. In the case of Amazon EC-2 machines, I have set the setting ILMT_SUA_public_cloud_name as ec2-shared and I waited for the scans, uploads, and imports to happen. However, the computers hosted in the Amazon cloud are still showing the same status in the BF Inventory reports and that makes me think the calculations are not being performed correctly.
I have gone through the documentation and there is nothing that helps me to solve the issue.

What else do I need to setup/deploy to have the Amazon hosted machines with a correct status of the Hypervisor status?

The following screen-shot might help to better understand my issue:

The machines at the bottom have been identified as Amazon EC-2 machines.

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Have you used fixlet to set public cloud as described:

Yes, I have used the Fixlet to set public cloud

After a deeper review, I noticed the endpoints haven’t run the Capacity Scan after the setting was configured.
I deployed a policy to run the Capacity scans based on IBM’s documentation. I’ll look at it once they complete the action and the import runs again. That should fix the issue.