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Has anyone seen in the action info window where the End Time is before the Start Time? I am attaching a pic to this post. I have seen this on several actions and not sure why it is happening. Just wondering if others are seeing this, maybe a bug in the program?

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Hi jl1973,

You attachment didn’t seem to work… What version of the console are you using? What do you expect the start/end time to be?

This one will probably need to end up as a support call.



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Console version… Start/End times is set to the default 48 hours with start time being immediate. Trying to upload the attachment but doesn’t seem to want to work.

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Attached is an Action Info screen capture showing end time after start time.

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I have only seen this occur when the overall Action Status is “Running” and “This Action has been retried X time.”



The action is currently running.

This action has been applied 1 time.

This action has been retried 2 time.

Status Running

Start Time 10/5/2010 9:36:27 PM

End Time 10/4/2010 9:50:10 AM