Stagger action start times parameter

Hi ,

we want to deploy a patch to 500 client but want this only 4 client in each minute. our patch size is approximately 200mb.

do i have to choose 125 minute ? Or how many minute should i choose ?


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This won’t guarantee that only 4 clients per minute would start downloading, but should give you that rate on average. For more confidence that more than 4 clients won’t start in a minute (or to be more cautious), use a longer time period like 180 or 240.


I much prefer setting DownloadThrottleKBPS on the relays. That will throttle all client downloads to conserve bandwidth, so you don’t have to stagger start times on every action.


Doing both is probably a good idea, though I think staggered start times is the only thing that will help if using a custom repo for linux patching or similar content that doesn’t use the relay caching.

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