SSA Pop-Ups - trying to use HTML for pop-up messages

I have been testing SSA in our environment and one thing we noticed is that the SSA pop-up message down by the clock would cut off our descriptions mid-sentence. (our descriptions are a bit long so they don’t fit in the new SSA Pop-up) In researching this on how to make it look better I did find that the description field when creating the Action takes HTML. So, I created paragraph breaks in the description field using HTML. I deployed the action and the SSA pop-up message looked perfect. The pop-up showed only the first sentence. When I clicked on the pop-up the SSA application opened and the description was broken up into 3 paragraphs. Perfect!! But now every time I’ve tested it since the HTML characters are showing in the pop-up message. Now I can’t get rid of them no matter what I try. (

show up in the sentences when the first time I did it they did not) The paragraphs still look good in the SSA application and don’t show the HTML characters. But now the pop-up does show the HTML characters and looks awful. Anyone have any ideas or experience the same thing? Our pre-prod environment is 9.5.13 and or production environment is I’ve tried in both with same result. And these are Actions that are not Offers. We are simply testing our Actions we do now with the SSA client installed on some test computers. Thank you in advance.

Hello Alan,
with the last release of SSA (version 3.0.2) we removed the rendering of html code from the popups to fix an issue. Consider that the supported scenario is to use only plain text as input for the description of the message instead of enriched text. I would recommend you to submit a RFE.

Best Regards

Given that the only HTML he seems to require is for line formatting, is there a way to at least embed text newline characters? Would the SSA recognize things such as \n, or perhaps percent-encodes such as %0d%0a ?

That you for the responses and information. Much appreciated. And I did try the % to try to hide new line characters but that did not work.