SQL Query to extract data from LONGQUESTIONRESULTS table

I am using BigFix 9.5.2 and trying to collect installed software information from each computers. I noticed that data in LONGQUESTIONRESULTS is in below format:

ComputerID Text
1 AdobeAdo…
2 Microsoft1.1

I want to extract it in below format,

ComputerID Name DisplayName Version
1 Adobe Ado
1 xyz yz 1.2
2 Microsoft 1.1

Can anyone please suggest a good approach to extract data in above format. I don’t want to use REST API.

We would never suggest this as anything you do will not always be compatible from release to release as the Schema will and DOES change

Web Reports should be able to export the data you are looking for.

How can I get the SQL queries used in Web reports to export this data ?

The whole point is to not use SQL directly to extract. We would much rather you use REST or Web Reports to produce the information. The DB underneath should be a black box.

You can’t issue a SQL query to the Web Reports database, but you can create a Web Report and schedule it that will export the data you are looking for.

It’s always better to use an API if the developers provide one. Trying to poke around inside an SQL database is not a good idea. Database schema’s are always open to redesign between versions of a product as features are added or updated.