Sql isssue when installing os deployment server

I am new to Bigfix.
During the osd setup to install is the is deployment server, one of the action is trying to get the 2005 express sp4 fro Microsoft, bit this package is no longer available. This causes the installation to fail because it can’t download the non existing package. How can I overcome this requirement? What is the login used by bf to connect to this database?

I Will appreciate any information.

I was able to manually install the SQLexpressx64… This got me passed the first issue. I also had to manually create the database. Why the action didn’t create the database? now, the issue is a login error to the database (see below). I tested the connection in the ODBC and it connected successfully. What is the login account used by Bigfix to connect to AutoDeploy database?

Non-USB: \.\PhysicalDrive0
A LoadPakUtils: loading from rbagent.pak
A LoadPakUtils: successfully loaded
A Loading server extensions if available
A Loading external plugins
ODBC ERROR: [ERROR 1051 (37000): [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open database “AutoDeploy” requested by the login. The login failed.]
A A A (called from DbGetSourceType (dbdb.rbc:4223))
A (called from DbRbcExecEx (dbdb.rbc:4285))
A (called from DbRbcExec (dbdb.rbc:4247))
A (called from LoadDbConfigInternal (dbdb.rbc:1811))
A (called from LoadDbConfig (dbdb.rbc:1891))
A (called from --toplevel-- (load.rbc:28805))
Attempt 1/3 to connect to the SQL database has failed
Waiting 30 seconds before retrying

Hi, the AutoDeploy datasource must be created as SystemDSN, not UserDSN. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the information.