SQL connector?

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Does big fix have the ability to connect to a external SQL database and feed results to that data base?


I am creating a file on every machine. I want to place that file from every workstation into a central file share for a SQL database to import from.

Can I save a step and have Big Fix directly connect to the SQL for reporting?

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All the data in the BigFix repository are collected from the managed endpoints. So the BigFix Server does not import data directly from an external source.

Making the files available on the individual endpoints for the agents to pick up is the right way to do it.

Lee Wei

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Hey James,

To do this, you will need some sort of script or application that queries the BigFix database (or better yet, the SOAP API: http://support.bigfix.com/bes/misc/soapapi.html) and then feeds the data into the other database…