SQL 2005 in place

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Has any one done an in place upgrade from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005? If so, what are any gotchas or anything to look out for?

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I would like for a customer with experience doing this to post also but I have done this with our customers many times without problems without problems. Just click the installers.

I would make a database backup and store it off beforehand.

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I did this upgrade on my deployment and it was fast and easy… Although I am always scared to upgrade SQL Server or MSDE because in older versions of SQL Server, it seemed to not work well…


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Are there any Bigfix services to stop or pre-maintenance that needs to be done before running the upgrade other than DB backups?

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It wouldn’t be a bad Idea to stop all the BES Server services (FillDB and GatherDB make database connections). You might want to kick all the BES Console users off too before upgrading SQL. I have a feeling it will break the connections for you during the upgrade too though.

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I remembered something that is a good idea to do after the sql upgrade! Your database will work fine after the upgrade but changing the compatibility mode helps it some.


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