Spectre - Intel Processor Detection (by code name)

‘The processors which Intel won’t be patching include four lines from 2007, Penryn, Yorkfield, and Wolfdale, along with Bloomfield (2009), Clarksfield (2009), Jasper Forest(2010) and the Intel Atom SoFIA processors from 2015. According to Tom’s Hardware, Intel’s decision not to patch these products could stem from the relative difficulty of patching the Spectre exploit on older systems.’

Has anyone found a way to map ProcessorID to Intel code name ?

q: (string values of selects “ProcessorID from win32_Processor” of wmi)

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I’ve started something, and it contains all of the processor families I could find reference on. I’ll post in a couple hours.

Here’s what I have so far, found my other post…any fixes to add, please put back in that thread so we can keep CPUID relevance correct in one spot…

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Fantastic Jason, top man !