Special character ü

I have a fixlet that downloads a txt file from an http server.

When executed on windows, the file content is displayed as: location=Düsseldorf

On Linux, it is displayed as location=Düsseldorf

This is regardless of the BigFix Client. As the fixlet reads this line and sets the value in a client setting, is there a way to have it be the proper ü character for Windows somehow (like it does on Linux) ?

Sounds like encoding of the file on the http server.
Check for ANSI vs UTF-8 vs other encodings?

the file is UTF-8 which seems like it should be ok


Looks like ü and ü swapping is some sort of encoding issue.
Is your UFT-8 file getting converted to Windows 1252 encoding somewhere along the line?

In relevance language:

q: (binary_string "c3bc") as utf8 string
A: ü
T: 0.154 ms
I: singular string

q: "%c3%bc"
A: ü

From a windows server:

Q: (fxf character set of it, report character set of it, local character set of it) of client
A: windows-1252, UTF-8, windows-1252

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I wonder if this might help:


Q: lines of file "/fff/ggg.txt" of encoding "UTF8"
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that fixed it. thank you!

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