SOLVED: Patch Management - Vulnerability Status

Using the Console, how can you get the status of patches on the endpoints?

Can you give some more information about what you’re looking for?

If you just want to know what patches are missing I prefer to uncheck “Show non-relevant content” in the console and just look at the, “Patches for Windows (English)” site and filter by source severity.

Or if you are looking for the status of patches you have pushed out then you should be looking at the, “Reported Computers” tab of a baseline action you’ve pushed out.


Yes, 100% agreed with @strawgate!

If you want to check which patches are relevant to how many no. of endpoints, that option can be view in Applicable Computer of every Fixlet/Task in Fixlet and Task option of domain panel.

For checking status or action taken of Patch deployment, You can get information in Action tab of domain panel. For determiner information or flow of execution, you can select any deployed action -> R.Click -> Show action information.


Thanks. That all makes sense.